Running a Cafe.

Today, cafe owners are finding ingenious ways to manage and run their businesses in order to overcome day to day challenges. For example, it is increasingly becoming common to find a tap with water filter in a cafe in a bid to mitigate challenges that come with tap water. If you are still using tap water, you should make sure that your taps have filters as there are many benefits that come with filtering your water. In a cafe, water is essential in cooking, washing, and drinking. While some cafes boil or treat drinking water, you should remember that even rinsing utensils with tap water carries a risk.

To make sure that the water used in the cafe is safe, restaurant owners are installing taps with a water filter. By using the filtered water, cafe owners are able to save money that they use to treat water as filtering makes the water safe for drinking. This means that the cafe will enjoy reduced operating costs by using water that is cleaner and cheaper than the commercial bottled water. Filtered water also tastes and smells better, which can help to improve the satisfaction levels of your customers and thus, create a long-lasting relationship with your customers. Other imaginative ways cafe owners are using to manage and run their business more competitively include:

Managing cafe staff

One of the challenges experienced by almost all cafe owners is dealing with staff. It is not uncommon to find cafe owners lamenting about an employee they trained who has moved on to work in another cafe and in some occasion the cafe next door. The sad thing about losing a good employee is the fact that your cafe will not only experience a reduced rate of serving your customers as the new employee gets used to the work routine but the employee can go with some customers whom he or she had established a relationship.

To avoid the challenges that come with employee turnover, most cafe owners are training employees in all areas of the service to ensure that the cafe will run uninterrupted if one employee quits or fails to come to work. The restaurant owners are also creating a relationship with their staff to reduce the rate of employees quitting. Employees tend to quit if they feel that they are not trusted and thus, instead of the traditional boss and employee relationships, most cafe owners are creating a healthy mutual respect that is based on trust other than fear. Furthermore, in order to keep the employees motivated, cafe owners are sharing the responsibilities of running the business among all employees such as dealing with customer complaints.

Managing the day to day activities

One of the main reasons why cafe businesses fail is because of poor management of day to day activities. Sometimes the day to day activities of running a cafe can be overwhelming especially if the cafe is very busy. Most owners hire staff who are not adequately qualified resulting in the mismanagement of the business. If you have delegated the running of day to day activities to an employee, you should make sure that you carry out full inventory every few days ideally at the end of the week without fail. It is also a good idea to hire an expert to check on your cafe inventory to make sure that everything is correct. The expert will help unearth mistakes that you could have missed. Another important thing you should consider is the use of restaurant management tools. Although it is costly to buy and install restaurant management tools, the benefits will outweigh the cost in the long run.


In order for your cafe business to succeed, you must outwit your competitors. Competing on price alone is no longer effective and thus, you must come up with an ingenious way to gain an advantage over your competitors.